Most painting companies are able to bring a ladder and paintbrushes to work, but are they able to bring enthusiasm and hard-earned wisdom? Unfortunately, no. For that, you’re going to have to contact Varella Painting Inc. Licensed, bonded, and fully insured, we are the painters who do more than just re-apply the same old coat of paint. Our handiwork can give you a sense of renewal! Call us today to request our services.

Most residential painting companies really skimp on creativity. That’s because being creative takes a lot of enthusiasm and energy—and you can’t have either of those qualities without a whole lot of passion. Is your Falmouth home looking a little worse for wear? Have you grown unhappy with its appearance? Then call Varella Painting Inc! We’ll do more than promise perfection—we’ll provide it!

If you are looking for premium residential painting services in the city of Falmouth, look no further than Varella Painting Inc. We are Falmouth’s most-trusted residential painters with a knack for being, punctual, precise, quick, and always creative.

Don’t believe us? Just ask around the Falmouth area. Our clients will all tell you the same thing. When you feel like you’ve heard enough of people singing our praises, give us a call. We’ll provide you with a free no-obligation consultation on our services. What other residential painting company could provide you with so much attention and quality customer service before you even pay them a penny?

The Best Residential Painting Contractors in Falmouth

It can be easy to feel discouraged by the average cost to paint a house. Residential painters in Falmouth charge quite a bit of money for their services. What happens if you’re not happy with your residential painters and want to do the job all over again? You’ll wind up having to pay someone else is what will happen.

To avoid these many possible mishaps and miseries of residential painting, Varella Painting Inc keeps you involved in your project from start to finish. We will consult you at every step of the painting process. After we apply the first coat of your personally selected paint we will check to see if you are satisfied with the color. If you are satisfied, we’ll keep working! If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll go back to the drawing board!

Many residential painting companies and their professional painters aren’t don’t have much pizazz when it comes to customer service. They like to paint, and that’s it. While that might get the job done, it’s not going to make for a pleasant working environment. A pleasant and engaging environment, however, is exactly what we’re after.

Interior Painting Services in Falmouth

Often the best solution is the one standing right in front of you—we’re just too blind to see it. Does your home feel outmoded, out-of-date? Are you looking to bring it up to speed with the times? When we think of giving our home a much-needed makeover, we start budgeting for expensive designer furniture or the services of a home remodeler.

What if we told you that you didn’t have to install prohibitively expensive quartz countertops in your kitchen, or buy a designer sofa for your living room to revitalize your home? What if we told you, we had the cost-effective and simple solution to your home’s cosmetic woes? The solution? Interior painting!

Don’t believe us? Just look through any interior design catalogue or a designer’s portfolio. Is it the furniture that stands out, or is it that the furniture compliments the room’s paint color and vice versa? With painting there is a variety of approaches one can take. You can paint walls multiple colors, you can add accent walls, create a border or trim, and more!

Sometimes a sense of renewal comes in the form of a couple of buckets of paint.

Falmouth Residential Painting Services

With so many different colors at your disposal, you’ll feel anything but limited. In fact, you might even feel a tad overwhelmed. Thankfully, the team at Varella Painting Inc are more than just painters for hire. We approach interior painting the way an interior designer approaches a home. We’re more than qualified to offer sound advice when it comes to home painting and decorating. After so many years of industry experience, it’d be a little unfortunate if we weren’t capable of making such suggestions, wouldn’t it?

Are you looking to paint the walls of your home office, but you’re not sure which approach to take? We’d probably suggest something with a bit of blue in it. Research shows that colors have a profound impact on our productivity (or lack thereof), with blue having the most positive impact.

What are the best colors for a bedroom? Bedrooms are a place for relaxation, not frenzied activity or high levels of productivity. With that in mind, we usually suggest a lavender or a soft green. These two colors are warm, inviting, and can help to soothe the mind.

Make no mistake, Varella Painting Inc aren’t a fly-by-night painting company. We’re invested in our clients, and we take great pride in our work. If you’re unsure what colors you should paint your home, put your trust in us. We promise not to disappoint.

Exterior Home Painting in Falmouth

When people feel like they’ve grown tired of their home, they think that something inside the house is the problem. Maybe they need to paint the living room again, or maybe they need to remodel their kitchen. Sometimes the problem isn’t the home’s interior decor. Sometimes the problem is the home’s exterior. While homeowners might be able to DIY their living room paint job, painting the home’s exterior requires the residential painting skills of a professional company.

The exterior is the first thing you see when you pull into your driveway, it is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your property, and it is the only thing that neighbors and passersby see. Do you want to boost the curb appeal of your home? Call Falmouth’s best residential painting company today!